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I read Eclipse last night. Finished it early this morning. I meant to wait it until finals were completely over on wednesday... but by resolve failed yesterday and I ran to Barnes and Noble and begged for a copy (they were holding them all behind customer service) and then came home and read until I finished it. And now I'm going to reveal to all of you what a hopeless romantic I am (in case you hadn't guessed...), becasue I haven't been able to get it out of my head (i woke up several times from dreams about scence and dialogue I was making up in my hea dthis morning). And I can't talk about this with an actual real perosn until friday when my best friend finally reads it (in the responsible way, after finals are over). So yes. I have to let it out here... And if you haven't read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer then I apologize. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

First, I'll just say that after reading New Moon, I was rather upset with the series. Edward kind of bugged me. THe romance didn't seem at all believable (I'm really not a fan of the Romeo-and-Juliet-love-at-first-sight sort of relationship. I've always felt love had to grow out of friendship. And the friendship and intellectual connection is more important than the passionate romance. It seemed that al Bella and Edward had was the passionate sort of romance. And then Jacob was introduced, and Bella and Jacob were best friends and he always made her feel happy and worth while. It seemed like with edward she was always taking a hit on her self-esteem. An edward really seemed super controling and arrogant... and just too perfect... and never seemed to let Bella think for herself. There was just such a disparity between Edward and Bella... She never got to be the strong one.

So I didn't like the end of New Moon when she chooses Edward over Jacob. Though I knew that she would, because that's the story started in Twilight. But I would have loved Jacob. I would have picked him (I think... I've never had a chocie like that... but Jacob is the sort of person I would want, rather than someone like Edward).

Eclipse brougt everything together for me though. I loved Edward's development in this book. I understood him much better. I no longer see him as controlling. And the relationship is much more real. He really is as good and kind that Bella has been claiming since Twilight. And Bella stepped up as well. She did things that he couldn't do. SO there was more equality in the relationship. I know that there supposed to be together. He's the ONe. I was happy about that, glad that I could see it was actually the best that they were together.

But... Oh Jacob. ahhhh. It helped that Stephenie gave him faults in this book.... why I could finally see it was better for Bella to go with Edward, and why I started prefer Edward. But I still loved him. And the end... the end just killed me. THe whole love triangle was so emotionally hard to read. FOr most of the book I was filling pretty good about it... and then I got to the part where they kissed before the battle... and it brought up all the New Moon reaction in me again... though I still knew Bella should end up with Edward. The line that really kills me is when Bella visits Jacob at his house after the battle. and Jacob says Edward is like a drug for her, but he would have been like sun and air. AHHH. I can't get it out of my head. Just keeps coming back to me and it makes me sad. I want Bella to have sun and air. I want her to have the happy *normal* human life... having kids, growing old together... all of that. I just wish she could have it with Edward. And I wish Jacob wasn't so in love with Bella. And that he can find someone to love more... someone who "gravity moves" for.

I liked that the Jacob and Bella relationship developed though. It made sense to me... and I think it was necessary for the plot. It get boring just reading about all the gooey mushiness with Edward. He needed some competitition. And Bella needed to realize that there was another choice for her. That she loved Edward enough to give up everything. THat the other option really wasn't an option after all.

I'e been reading some message boards and I think I'm the only one who doesn't want Bella to become a Vampire. I really, really don't. Like Bella starts to fear in eclipse... I think it might change her. I want an alternative. I want them to find someway for them to reverse being a vampire... so that both her and Edward can grow old together. That's my hope. But I think it's probably to optimistic. Or maybe Bella's unusual resistence to vampire powers will protect her from the thirst, or something like that. THat's my second choice. I just don't want to see her like Bree... no matter how far Edward keeps her from people. Not that I have anything against vampires... but all the Cullens seem to agree that they'd rather be human, even if they don't dwell on it like Rosalie.

Ugh. I hate the cliffhanger. I can't stand it. I think that's what's got me all upset. I've forgotten how much it sucks not to have the ending, after just having the pleasure of reading the seventh Harry Potter. I'm just glad that i heard that Jacob is going to have a part in the next book and that he's Stephenies favorite charcter... because that epilogue was just too painful.

Anyways. I loved the book. Really really did. Even though at the end it was sort of traumatizing. Much better than the last. And I need to read it again... it was kind of a lot to take in and re-reading will make it easier to digest. And this has gotten a bit long, so I should stop now... I feel a bit silly talking about this like they are real people. I get way too attatched to my books.

And now I must go study for my Geology final. Or work on a some concepts for a film. or clean my apartment. which sucks. Because now I really want to draw some Harry Potter or Twilight. So distracting. I haven't done Twilight characters in a long time and I'd like to try again. too much to do. Why oh why do I ever have to sleep!?!
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