simibee (simibee) wrote,

Wisdom Teeth

I got my wisdom teeth out three hourse ago. Which means I should be asleep right? from the perscription painkillers on. But no I'm not. Because they don't seem to be doing ANYTHING at all. PAin. super pain. I'm posting because I need to do something aside from just lying here becasue I can't stand it.

It's strange. the operation only took 15 minutes. I was told it would take an hour. And then I was all prepared to do and say some embarrasing things becasue of the anesthetic. I've heard a lot of stories about people being pretty out of it afterwards. I had prepared my pride, apologized to my mom in case I was mean or weird. But. when I wok up I was only a little dizzy. I wasn't out of it at all. This is surprising becasue I have never done any drug or alcohol... so you'de think it would have it me pretty hard. But that was a good thing really, no embarrassing moments. But painkillers don't seem to affect me either, noe that the anesthetic has completely worn off. And that is not a good thing. Vicodon even. No effect. Or if it is haveing an effect, I'm afraid to find out what it feels like when it wears off. ahhhhh. I wish my mind weren't so resiliant.

But at least I get to eat ice cream all day. I like Ice cream. so... umm... theres' a bright side?

wait no... there's just pain. pain. and some more pain... no more typing now.

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